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Shipping Choices for On-Line Orders

FREE UPS ground or 3 Day shipping on all orders over $500

You have the option to upgrade to 2nd Day, Overnight, and Overnight Early. If you are in Washington, Oregon, or Idaho, UPS ground will usually reach you overnight.

Local Pickup

If you are local or going to be in town, you can select the convenient local pick-up option, which is of course free as well.

Flat Rate Shipping $8.70 through USPS

For Accessories orders under $100, we offer a flat rate. This is because many accessory orders are low cost and light weight. These types of orders are usually Flute Gels, Roi Master Cleaners, and Beaumont Flute Swabs.

All Accessories Orders between $100 – $499 are shipped UPS with the option of your choice that you select on check out.

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Flute Trial Shipping Policy

Not local? No problem! We love to be able to offer our 7-Day at-home trial to our wonderful customers! We do our best to make the process as smooth as possible for you.

FluteWorks Seattle will ship up to 3 flutes for trial AT NO CHARGE! We use UPS for our instruments, and ship “Signature Required”. Someone will need to be home to receive the package, or it will be sent to the closest UPS facility.

If you decide to purchase one of the flutes we’ve sent, we will pay for the return shipping as well. If you will not be purchasing from those flutes, we ask that you please pay the shipping back to us. HINT: If you are in the Pacific Northwest region, UPS ground often reaches us the next day.

Please return the flutes that you are not purchasing in the same packaging that we shipped in, unless it is unusable for any reason.

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How To Ship Your Flute To Us For Service and Repairs!

FluteWorks Seattle customers are from all across the country, including Alaska and Hawaii!

You may feel very unsure about shipping your beloved instrument. We understand! Here is some information we’ve put together to help you have the best experience possible.


Get a box big enough to have at least 2 inches of padding on all sides of the box. Use Peanuts, Bubble wrap, or even a lot of crumpled up newspaper. I like to avoid shipping on a Thursday or Friday in order to avoid the instrument being stuck in a truck somewhere in the heat/cold for an extra day. I may or may not be home on a weekend day, so try to avoid it arriving on a Saturday or Sunday. Always include both of our names, addresses, and phone numbers on a slip of paper or a business card on the INSIDE of the box in case the label gets destroyed in transit.

Shipper Choice

Please use whatever shipper you are most comfortable with. We have had great service and success with UPS. We trust them with our flutes. Because of staffing shortages with the Postal Service, we generally recommend other carriers.

HINT: If you are local or even in the Pacific Northwest region, UPS ground often reaches us the next day.

Not Sure If You Should Insure?

Purchasing insurance from the shipping company is the most expensive way to purchase insurance. It might not be bad if your instrument is worth under $2000, but when you get above $5000 USPS will no longer insure it, and the price for insuring through UPS or Fedex goes way up.

If you already have Homeowners or Renters insurance, contact them first. You may already be covered in shipping through them. If they can’t cover your instrument then there are 2 companies that specialize in insuring musical instruments, Anderson and Clarion. They will insure all of your musical equipment for a year for around the same price of insuring a $10,000 flute for a one way trip through UPS.

Read Insuring Your Instruments by Erik Nugent for more detailed information on insurance.

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