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Erik Nugent, Owner & Handmade Flute Technician

I grew up in Chapel Hill, North Carolina in a family of creative thinkers including Visual Artists, Doctors, Musicians and Dancers. I started playing music at age 10 and never looked back.

In 1996 I received my Bachelors degree in Music Education from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. In 1999 I moved to Boston to begin making handmade flutes as a finisher for Verne Q. Powell and later for David Williams. I became the Repair Manager for William S. Haynes and then the Quality Control Manager for Nagahara Flutes for 9 years. In 2016 a desire to be my own boss and live near family brought me to Arkansas where I opened up Nugent Flutes.

Courtney Westcott was the founder of FluteWorks Seattle. She saw that I had entered the market as one of only 6 Brannen Brothers repair techs in the USA. She was also in this elite group, and she was getting more business than she could handle. She started sending me many of her repairs in 2017.

Unfortunately, illness forced Courtney to retire early. She offered to sell FluteWorks Seattle to me. This was such a bitter-sweet moment. I would prefer to have my friend’s health back, but excited about the business opportunity. 

I now run FluteWorks Seattle from my home in Lynnwood, WA, about 20 minutes north of Courtney’s old location. The Garage is my shop and I have a studio for showing the Pacific Northwest’s largest selection of flutes for sale.

I am happy to have received Repair Technician Certifications from Verne Q. Powell, Muramatsu, Straubinger Flutes, and Brannen Brothers Flutemakers.

My son is a budding Piano and Viola player interested in composition, and my wife sells vintage clothing. You might see me hiking in a park around western Washington with my dog, Curi. 

Emma McGuire, Handmade Flute Technician

I am a flutist that’s relatively new to the repair field and have always been immensely interested in flute specialty work. 

I grew up in Yakima, Washington where I discovered my love for the flute in 5th grade. From there I started taking lessons. Eventually, my private teacher showed me how to dis and reassemble a flute which is what sparked my interest in instrument repair. 

In early 2021 I earned a Bachelor’s degree in flute performance from Central Washington University. I then relocated to the greater Seattle area and also in 2021 received my Band Instrument Repair Certification from Renton Technical College. 

While still in trade school, I began an internship that turned into a full-time position with a local musical instrument shop where I was able to learn about and work with many rare vintage instruments. 

​In my spare time, I try to stay active as a musician. I’m currently playing in a smaller ensemble and look forward to the day that I can safely search for a community orchestra or wind ensemble to be a part of. 

Jean Balogh, Communications Officer

I am a private music instructor in Kent, WA and the Communications Officer at Fluteworks Seattle.  

I began playing flute when I was 11.  Music was an outlet for a lot of creative emotions, and I would often play for up to 5 hours a day.  

My first year of college was at Seattle University, where I was on track to a science degree.  I decided I needed to follow my passion for music, and transferred to Washington State University, where I received my Bachelor of Arts in Flute Performance.  In 2003, I decided that teaching privately would be the perfect complement to raising a family.  That was the start of my career as a private instructor. 

I have a passion for helping people thrive.  Whether in my studio or workplace, I get a sense of satisfaction from inspiring people to pursue their dreams and supporting them in their creative endeavors.  It’s exciting to be part of a business that has so many possibilities.

Currently I am a worship leader at my church as a vocalist and flute player, and I belong to 2 community chamber ensembles.  In 2020, during the pandemic lockdown, I started learning Scottish Gaelic (Gaidhlig) language and traditional music.  It was a dream come true and quickly turned into a serious pursuit.  I belong to Slighe nan Gaidheal and sing in the Gaelic choir, Seirm, which has won several accolades in Scotland for their music. 

I’m Vice President of the Gig Harbor MTNA for 2022-23 and an active member of the Seattle Flute Society.  I’m also a member of RAMPD (Recording Artists and Music Professionals with Disabilities) which helps bring opportunity and visibility to musicians with disabilities.

​I believe in a heaping dose of self-care regularly.  I travel to the Washington coast as much as I possibly can and explore off the beaten path beaches and shops.  Having grown up in the Pacific Northwest, I enjoy outdoor activities, especially swimming and hiking.  Honestly, I also love to binge watch shows, my favorite being the Scottish crime drama, Shetland. 

​I’m excited to be part of Fluteworks and look forward to meeting and helping flutists in the area and around the country.  See you soon!

What People Say About Erik and FluteWorks Seattle

Seattle’s newest treasure to the flute world is Erik Nugent at FluteWorks Seattle! He is a meticulous craftsman and technician, a wealth of knowledge, and carries only the best instruments.

Terri Gustafson, Private Flute Instructor

Having had my Brannens, Powells and Louis Lots worked on by some of the best technicians in London, Munich, Boston and Toronto, I can attest to the fact that Erik’s work is absolutely second to none.

Doug Stewart, Principal Flute, Canadian Opera Company

It could have been an overwhelming process to upgrade my daughter’s flute, but Erik’s patience, humor, and kindness went a long way in helping us navigate the landscape.

Nicole Murphy, Customer

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