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Free 7-Day At-Home Flute Trials

What Clients Are Saying

“We were able to see a wide array of flutes in different price points and quality in order to try in person. There was no rush and there was genuine feedback.”

If you are local or in the area for a short stay, visit Fluteworks Seattle for a FREE in-person flute trial. During that time, Erik will guide you through the forest of flutes.

If this is the first time you are buying a professional or intermediate flute, all of the choices can seem overwhelming. As an 18-year veteran of building handmade flutes in the Boston tradition, Erik will show you the best features of each flute, including pad type, metal alloys, upgrades, and headjoint styles. He will be able to answer all your questions and provide expert advice.

At the end of the hour, your goal is to narrow down your selection to your 3 favorite flutes. You then get to take those home for a free 7-day at home trial. This lets you play the flutes at home, in your lesson with your teacher, and for friends. If you can get access to a performance space, it is always a good idea to play them on stage for a friend with a great ear in the audience to listen to projection and tone.

If you are too far away to try flutes in person, we can ship you 3 flutes at a time to try for 7 days at home. If you find the flute of your dreams, great! If you want to try out more flutes, then ship these back and we will ship you 3 more. FluteWorks Seattle pays to ship to you. If you decide to purchase, we will e-mail you a free return shipping label. If you decide not to purchase, then we ask you to pay the return shipping.